Sunrise/Sunset Schedule

Daylight Savings Time begins on March 12th, 2023 and ends on November 5th 2023. With late twilight times and early sunsets November-January in Las Vegas, it is unlikely you will finish your round prior to sunset. Please give your group at least 4 1/2 hours to complete all 18 holes using the chart below as a reference for the sunset on your golf days. Twilight and Super Twilight times are not guaranteed finishing times.

SunriseSunsetAvg HighAvg Low
January 16:50am4:38pm56°35°
January 156:49am4:51pm57°36°
February 16:39am5:08pm60°39°
February 156:26am5:23pm63°41°
March 16:09am5:36pm66°44°
March 156:49am6:49pm69°47°
April 16:25am7:03pm74°50°
April 156:05am7:15pm78°54°
May 15:46am7:29pm83°58°
May 155:32am7:41pm87°63°
June 15:23am7:53pm94°68°
June 155:21am8:01pm99°72°
July 15:25am8:03pm103°79°
July 155:34am7:59pm105°81°
August 15:46am7:47pm108°79°
August 155:57am7:32pm102°77°
September 16:11am7:09pm99°74°
September 156:22am6:49pm94°69°
October 16:34am6:25pm88°63°
October 156:46am6:06pm81°57°
November 17:02am5:46pm73°52°
November 156:16am4:34pm67°47°
December 16:31am4:27pm60°39°
December 156:42am4:28pm57°36°