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PXG Golf Club Rentals - Las Vegas

PXG (Parsons Xtreme Golf) prides itself on providing its customers with only the best quality and service in the market, just like VIP Golf Services. PXG golf clubs are among the highest-end clubs we have ever added to our fleet. The quality and craftsmanship are easily recognizable the moment you see and play them. We have been offering our clients PXG rentals for many years, and we know the longevity these clubs provide, even as rental clubs. Due to the great feedback we receive from clients and knowing the quality and service provided by PXG; we have teamed up to give everyone a free, professional, PXG fitting at a store or fitting location nearest to you.

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First, you need to visit the PXG Fitting Website Here. Or, you can scan the QR code and click the link to be taken directly to the site.

PXG Free Fitting from VIP Golf Services. PXG Website Screenshots

Second, use the search feature to find the location nearest to you.

Third, choose the fitting you would like.

Next, select the Date and Time available for your fitting.

Then, enter your information.

BE SURE TO CLICK the (Redeem Coupon) Button, enter the promo code: VIPGOLFSERVICES, and click the (Apply) Button – This Promo Code will waive the PXG Professional Fitting Fee. You’re welcome : )

Next, Click the (Complete Appointment) Button

Lastly, enjoy your PXG Fitting and we hope you love your new PXG Clubs!

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