Las Vegas Golf Reservation Policies

and Cancellation Information

Thank you for considering VIP Golf Services for your approaching visit to Las Vegas. With us being Las Vegas Golf Specialists, booking your golf in Las Vegas could not be more simple. We are here to make things very easy for you whether you are a singe, twosome, eight golfers for three days, or a group of 20.  We do it all!  Book online 24/7 or by phone with one of our local Las Vegas representatives toll free at (877) 669-2847 for the personal touch. Our services are always FREE!! With over 30 years of local knowledge, trained golf professionals and golfers of all playing levels on staff, there is always someone in the office that can relate to your game giving you information on courses that will meet your requirements based on budget, distance from your hotel, or style of golf course for instance. Our FREE One Stop Service for 50+ Las Vegas Golf Courses including tee times at many private country clubs, name brand rental clubs delivered to your hotel, hotel reservations, transportation, CaddyMates, & tournament services if needed, paired with our local knowledge will guarantee you get exactly what you are looking for when it comes to a Las Vegas Golf Package.  Call Us Today – We Will Not Disappoint!



Policies, Procedures, and Cancellation Information

Reservation Confirmation
Once a reservation is made, you will be sent an email from a VIP Golf Services representative containing your reservation confirmation as an attached invoice, our policies, check in procedures, and directions to your golf course selection(s) as well. We ask our customers to print out the “Invoice”, verify the reservation is correct, sign it (if possible), and fax the confirmation back to us confirming the reservation. This ensures to us that you did receive our email, you are aware of the cancellation policy, and that you understand the billing procedures. As you will read below any groups of 15 or less are generally charged 2-3 days prior; each golfer can always call in to pay individually as well (Groups of 16 or more are generally locked in 2-4 weeks prior). We do understand that not all customers have access to a fax machine, so we do take email confirmations for convenience. Please ask your VIP Golf Services representative for details where you can reply with a digitally signed document something in your own words confirming the tee times and authorizing the charge. We do request a confirmation, but we also want to make it easy on you.

Billing Policy:
NO GREENS FEES ARE TO BE PAID AT THE COURSE. The credit card(s) on file will be billed 2-3 days prior to the day of play. (Rio Secco, Cascata, Spanish Trail, and Wolf Creek have two day cancellation policies; all others are three days prior). If you prefer to have each player in the group pay their portions individually, please have them contact our office at (877) 669-2847 and have their credit card ready. To reference the account please know the last name in which the reservation was booked under or the Customer ID# located on the reservation confirmation named “Invoice” set to you via email. If no one calls in, we will charge the credit card on file when the order is locked in 2-3 days prior. The charge on your statement will be from “VIP Golf Services”. Groups of 16 or more are handled on a case by case basis and do require a further in advance commitment generally 2-4 weeks prior for final billing. Larger groups can pay individually as well if it is a group of friends traveling to Las Vegas compared to a corporate event.

Check in at the Golf Course:
Simply walk into the golf shop and give them your last name (we call it VIP Style) and the course will know that you are prepaid; the golf course representative will know that you are from VIP Golf Services and not ask for payment. 18 hole courses always include the green fee & cart fee (par 3’s only include the green fees & carts are additional).  While most courses do include the driving range with their tee times, there are still a few that do not.  Please look on your invoice if you have a question about the practice facility or give us a call at any time to inquire.  Your Reservation Confirmation that was emailed to you from VIP Golf Services is not required at check in.  We do however recommend bringing it with you on your trip so you know where and when you are playing.  It will act as your itinerary while you are here. If a problem arises at check in, please remind the golf course representative that are prepaid through VIP Golf Services and have them call us on the spot if required.  Our clients rarely have issues at check in; everything is generally seamless, but just in case we are here for you and located in Las Vegas  We have been open since 2005 and have a great reputation in our wonderful city.

After the round:
If you have any feedback, whether it may be positive or negative we are always here for you. Even though we are locals, and do try to play our courses to keep up with their conditions for your, we can not play them all. Please call or send an email to let us know your concerns. Your feedback is always appreciated. You can email feedback or simply call our office toll free at (877) 669-2847.

Golf Course Cancellation Policy:
Golf course cancellations can be made outside of 2-3 days prior to your date of play in order to cancel with no charge. Rio Secco Golf Club, Cascata, Spanish Trail, and Wolf Creek Golf Club are the only courses that have a three day cancellation policy. Cancellations must be made by calling VIP Golf Services. Once inside the golf course cancellation policy, your/each credit card on file will be charged. Any changes or cancellations received inside of 2-3 days prior to play, will be refunded at the sole discretion of the golf course and VIP Golf Services. If a cancellation is made inside of the golf course cancellation policy, and the credit card(s) on file have already been charged, there is a minimum of a $10 cancellation fee per player per day due to the credit card fees/time associated with the original charge. There are only cancellation fees incurred AFTER the credit card(s) on file has been charged. If your card has not been charged, there is no fee to cancel. We try to make it very easy on you! If you have any questions, please call our office toll free at (877) 669-2847.

Inclement Weather Policy
Cancellations due to weather are up to the golf course on the day of play. We are not in the business to charge our customers if you do not play golf due to bad weather, but being inside of the cancellation policy, it is ultimately up the facility. If the course is deemed unplayable by its management, a full refund will be given minus a $10 rain out fee per player. Please contact a VIP Golf Services representative to ensure your refund. If the course is not deemed unplayable by its management and they do have golfers on the course, a refund will not be given as golf is an outside sport and to be played in wind and light rain.  If you do not want to play and we are able to work out a cancellation for you, there will be at minimum of a $10 cancellation fee per player on a case by case basis.

Golf Course Dress Code:
Please adhere to the following dress code for all courses: Collared shirt, pants/shorts non-denim, and standard soft spikes. On the day of play, if you do not adhere to the golf course dress code and they do not allow you to cancel, a refund will NOT be given. Please purchase the appropriate attire in the golf shop or prior to arrival.

Driving Directions to each Golf Course
Driving directions are available for each course on our satellite map of the city located on the website. They are generally included in all email confirmations we send to our clients unless we have transportation booked for your group as well.  If you would like these directions emailed to you, please ask and they will be emailed immediately if not already done so. If you computer does not allow you to open the attachment(s), or if you have any inquiries regarding the location of your hotel in relation the your golf course selections, please do not hesitate to call.