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June 21st, 2023 – Desert Golf –

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Despite its reputation as an urban oasis of entertainment, Las Vegas also offers some of the most stunning golf experiences in the world. A significant part of the allure comes from its desert golf courses, which blend the natural beauty of the Nevadan landscape with exceptional course design. Today, we’ll highlight two of these true desert golfing gems: Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort and Boulder Creek Golf Club.

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Situated just north of the city, amidst the stark and captivating beauty of the Mojave Desert, the Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort offers a golfing experience unlike any other. Designed by world-renowned golf course architect Pete Dye, the resort boasts three distinct 18-hole courses: Snow Mountain, Sun Mountain, and The Wolf.


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The crown jewel and newest addition of the Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort, the Wolf Course, also know as “Kwetoo-Unuv,” stands as a testament to Pete Dye’s S . architectural genius. Stretching over 7,600 yards, it holds the title of the longest curse in Nevada, offering golfers a challenge that is as thrilling as it is demanding. Seamlessly integrated into the expansive natural desert surroundings, the course is interspersed with Dye’s signature railroad tie bunkers, serpentine water features, and eye-catching desert wildflowers.


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The Sun Mountain Course at Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort is a serene yet challenging blend of nature and golfing design prowess. Crafted by the legendary Pete Dye, Sun Mountain combines the desert’s ethereal beauty with course layout that is as visually stunning as it is tactically challenging. Unfolding across the rugged desert terrain, Sun Mountain presents golfers with vast, rolling fairways bordered by native vegetation and meticulously designed bunkers. Water hazards come into play on three holes, adding a challenging layer of complexity.


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The Snow Mountain course, also known as “Nu-Wav-Kaiv” and the original course at Paiute, is a captivating golfing journey that showcases Pete Dye’s mastery in course design, with his signature railroad tie bunkers, water features, and dog-leg fairways amidst the Nevada desert. Boasting wide ryegrass fairways, Snow Mountain offers a visually striking landscape interspersed with water hazards on seven holes and framed by mesmerizing mountains backdrops.


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Boulder Creek Golf Club

Boulder Creek Golf Club in Boulder City, Nevada, is a desert gem, offering three distinctive nines (27-hole facility) – Desert Hawk, Coyote Run, and Eldorado Valley – each showcasing panoramic views of the area’s unique desert landscape and charm.


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Desert Hawk nine at Boulder Creek Golf Club is a sublime blend of tropical golf with natural desert terrain, featuring wide fairways combined with native desert wildflower areas. This course presents an enjoyable, yet challenging experience with its strategic placement of bunkers, arroyos, water features, and well-guarded greens. With its stunning desert scenery and thoughtful design, Desert Hawk embodies the unique appeal of true desert golf in the Las Vegas region.


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Coyote Run nine at Boulder Creek Golf Club offers a unique golfing experience set against panoramic views of Nevada’s picturesque mountains. The course is characterized by its rolling fairways, well-placed hazards, and meticulous landscaping that harmonizes with the desert environment. Offering a balance of challenge and playability, Coyote Run provides golfers an engaging encounter with scoring opportunities set within the natural beauty of the Las Vegas desert landscape.


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Eldorado Valley nine at Boulder Creek Golf Club distinguishes itself as being the easier of the three nines with lengthy, sweeping fairways, with many open shots to the greens. The ninth hole is notable for its expansive fairway and rock arroyo separating the fairway and green, presenting golfers with an enticing challenge to finish up the nine…should I go for it in two? Nestled within the striking desert scenery, Eldorado Valley blends an exceptional golfing experience with the raw, untouched beauty of the natural landscape.

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