COVID-19 & Las Vegas Golf Courses

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A COVID-19 update to you, our valuable customer regarding Las Vegas Golf Courses

All Las Vegas golf courses have reopened with strict guidelines to limit the spread of COVID-19.  75% of the Strip Hotel/Casinos are currently open, with some closed only Mon-Wed. The remaining hotel properties are scheduled to follow suit and reopen everything by May, 2021. Las Vegas has been very fortunate and is seeing a huge drop in COVID-19 cases and we want to keep you informed on updated policies and procedures to ensure your next visit to the Las Vegas Golf courses will be safe and healthy.


Governor Sisolak’s Guidance: This new directive requires Nevadans and visitors to wear face coverings when they are out in public, with limited exceptions. What this means for you is that if you are not wearing a face covering, you will not be allowed inside the hotel/club house and as a result may not be allowed to check in or play golf. Face coverings may only be removed when eating or drinking inside or when playing golf. They will not be required outside or on the course during play. We are hearing the face covering mandate may be removed in May, so we will keep you updated.

According to Governor Sisolak’s Guidance: Best Practices for Golf Courses during the COVID Pandemic, these are the mandatory minimums of safety that golf courses should follow:

Golf Carts and Equipment:

  • Only one (1) person per golf cart except for those who reside in the same household or who have traveled together at the course’s discretion
  • Carts must be wiped down with disinfectant spray or wipes BEFORE and AFTER each round. This includes steering wheels, cart seats, arm rests, cart dashes, cupholders, gear shifts and cart keys.
  • Pull carts and push carts must also be wiped down with disinfectant BEFORE and AFTER each round.
  • Rakes must be removed and played as lift, clean, & place.
  • Pins must not be removed from the cups; most courses are using a noodle at the bottom.
  • Tees, towels, cart coolers, and bottled waters should be removed from carts.
  • Sand bottles or scoops should be removed and golf course maintenance staff will need to address filling divots until further notice.

General Operations:

  • Bag room areas will be cleaned and disinfected regularly.
  • Pro Shops and clubhouses should be closed and locked. If pro shop is open for check-in, there should not be any merchandise sales, and social distancing measures must be observed.
  • Take-out food and beverages can be served and preferred.
  • 35% occupancy requirements in restaurants; so restaurants may be open at the course’s discretion
  • Driving Range hitting stations must be a minimum of six (6) feet apart.

When resuming operations, golf facilities still need to operate in a manner that maintains social distancing, limits gatherings of 50 or more, and puts into place as many cleaning measures as possible to limiting the spread of COVID-19. As a general rule, employees and patrons who aren’t feeling well should stay home. Golf courses should also check in frequently with their associations and the CDC for any updated guidance that is issued. Golf is a great way to get exercise and can facilitate social distancing if done properly; the ultimate goal is to keep everyone safe while they’re playing and to stop the spread of COIVD-19.

We will do our best to continuously update each golf course’s page on our website with reopening information as it becomes available to us as well as updating you with additional newsletters as our city reaches into new phases with reduced restrictions.

Please call us today if you are considering coming out to Las Vegas this summer or to book your much-needed golf getaway for this Fall. We look forward to working with everyone again!

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