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Las Vegas has so much more to offer than just hotels, gambling, clubs, pools, and fine dining. If you have never ventured too far from the Vegas norms, you are missing out on a plethora of “Only in Vegas” options surrounding or great city. Within minutes, you can leave behind the flashing lights and loud/wallet draining casino games for some real adventure. Breathtaking beauty, natural and made-made wonders of the world, transforming yourself into an off road or race car driver, experiencing some military caliber firepower to scratch that Rambo itch you have had since the 1980s, and so much more is easily accessible to our great city. We have teamed up with some of the top Las Vegas tour operators and experiences to offer our clients the best of what Las Vegas has to offer in one place.


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Helicopter Tours:

Maverick Helicopter Tours Las Vegas

Maverick Helicopters is a multiple award-winning helicopter tour operator based right here in Las Vegas. Offering VIP-level service from Las Vegas over the strip, Lake Mead / Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon, and more. The views don’t get any better than this.

VIP Golf Services has teamed up with Maverick Helicopter to offer our clients the same great service and value that you have come to expect from us. Call us today to inquire about adding one of the many great helicopter tour options to your package, or click here to view detailed information about and reserve one of the many tour options they have available.

Flights Starting at $99

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ATV Tours by Las Vegas ATV Tours

ATV tours by Las Vegas ATV Tours offer the longest ATV riding time in Vegas (2 – 2.5 hours) and free pickup and return to your hotel, you will love soaring through the breathtaking Nellis Dunes. With its multi-terrains; Nellis Dunes makes for an ideal ATV ride for beginners, intermediate, and expert riders. On any given day, Nellis Air Force Base Fighter Pilots may be performing aerobatics just over your head.

There is a fleet of 2017/2016 ATV’S for all levels of experience – beginner, intermediate and expert riders; as well as automatic and manual ATV’S.

All tours operate rain or shine; 7 days/week – 365!  No License or Passport required (Some age restrictions apply) – Approximately 4-hours Door to Door with 2-2.5 hours of riding time

$199 per person

Machine Gun Experience:

Machine Gun Experience Battlefield Las Vegas

Battlefield Vegas is the place to go to should you need to get the lead out or test your Zombie Apocalypse marksmanship preparedness. With free pickup and return to your hotel in a military style Humvee, they make it easy to kill some time trying out major firepower that is not legal for most of us to own.

From the trenches of World War I all the way to current operations in the Middle East, Battlefield Vegas has over 350 different weapons systems to choose from. From hand guns and pistols to fully automatic rifles, sub-machine guns to belt-feds and .50 calibers, it is all at Battlefield Vegas! They also have a lot full of military helicopters, tanks, and memorabilia to check out. If you are not feeling better after your shooting package and have some Las Vegas winnings to burn, you can opt for the Car Crushing package in an Abrams Tank!

Shooting Packages Starting at $99

Super Car Experience:

Exotics Racing Las Vegas

Ever wanted to know what it feels like to drive a supercar on a racetrack? Exotic Racing offer the largest fleet of exotic supercars from Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Porsche, Aston Martin, Audi, Mercedes, Corvette, and the Nissan GT-R. Take the wheel of these incredible machines and push their performance to the limit with one-on-one coaching from a professional racing instructor.

Redline your adrenaline on their exclusive 1.2 mile racetrack designed by Exotics Racing’s owners: five-time French racing champion Romain Thievin and NASCAR Euro Racecar Teams Champion David Perisset. This road course was specially designed for the needs and demands of the high performance supercars available at Exotics Racing. This 1.2 mile track has 7 turns and features a 1,800 ft. straight as well as a high speed banked bowl (Turn 2) where you really get to experience what a supercar can do at speeds well above what’s legal on any road in the United States.

Driving Experiences Starting at $199

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